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Community Officer (CO), Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Triumph Kia Teh

Triumph Kia Teh is highly passionate about the promotion of health and well-being among youths in his community, with over three years of community engagement, promoting community healthcare through volunteering, presentations, and health campaigns. He is a Youth Leader in Cameroon for the Generation to End Aids (#GENDIT) project by Restless Development and UNIAIDS to promote sexual and reproductive health and alleviate HIV/AIDS by 2030. In 2021, Triumph won a Merit Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health by the Global Leadership Adventures, emerged as a Finalist of the Harvard University-founded Aspire Leaders Program worldwide, and Fellow of the Goodwill Fellowship.
Triumph is interested in mental health, with an ambition to become a neuro-psychiatrist–influenced by his mother’s mental illness that began in 2014. Triumph will begin this journey by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Brain Sciences in 2026 from Dartmouth College, USA, as he looks forward to medical school thereafter. He has already completed and explored many online courses in health: Strengthening Community Health Workers Program from Harvard University, USA; The Science of Well-being from Yale University, USA; and Nutrition and Well-being from the University of Aberdeen, UK. He will also obtain an Associate’s degree in 2023 in Health Sciences from the University of the People, California, USA.
Triumph has diverse interests, encompassing social entrepreneurship, health, and education, and always seeks to make contributions to community development initiatives. He is the Founder and President of the Honey Initiative to equalize access to opportunities, Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador, HundrED Ambassador, and a King Scholar at Dartmouth College. In 2020, he was a National Delegate at the Advocating for Change for Adolescents Project (ACAP) by DESERVE. Triumph has impacted 1000+ IDPs, youths, and students using his story to inspire sustainable youth action. He currently serves as a Community Officer at DESERVE, leveraging skills and meaningful youth engagement to combat HIV/AIDS. In 2019, his academic excellence and community spirit enabled him to emerge as an Open Dreams Scholar, and he has upgraded to a Programs Coordinator and Peer Counselor–leading scholar engagement.