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Community Officer (CO), Mental Health

Bertrand Didier Demassosso

Bertrand Demassosso is a senior school counsellor in a rural school in the centre region of Cameroon and is currently training as a clinical psychologist in the University of Yaoundé I. He is currently volunteering for The Healthcare Information for All (HIFA) as country representative for Cameroon. He received the HIFA Country Representative award for the year 2014 for his work in promoting health literacy in Cameroon and the world. He is the Vice president of Collective Memories and Internet Association dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research in the history of Cameroon and fostering the use of information and communication technologies for research. He is the communications and public relations officer of ‘UNIPSY et Bien-etre,’ a clinical psychology association working in Cameroon to promote mental health and clinical psychology.

Bertrand is very passionate about research and advocacy in sexual reproductive health, sexuality education, health promotion, mental health promotion, health literacy, mental health literacy and school mental health. He wants health development to boom in Cameroon with particular focus on women, girls and youths. He loves nature, peace, harmony science and arts. He enjoys running and playing football, basketball, volley ball and chess.

As a longstanding member, Bertrand says, ‘working in DESERVE has ignited much more and fostered within me an actual desire to engage more in supporting and working for women’s and girls’ welfare. Indeed, when women and girls are in good health, happy, educated and working, the world would be a better place to live. Women and girls are totally worthy of respect and consideration because they are human beings!’