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Programmes Officer (PO) and in charge of Meaningful Adolescent and Youth Engagement (MAYE)

Asmahan Saidou

Asmahan Saidou is a dedicated youth activist with eight years of advocacy experience, and public speaking on gender equality, the provision of quality education and sexual and reproductive health and rights and sounding the voices of indigenous girls. She is an GCE Advanced Level candidate and an aspiring lawyer. She attended the African Leadership Academy where she took the entrepreneurial leadership course and extras on advocacy. Asmahan’s role in DESERVE is more than just contributing her expert ideas, she directs outreach activities and ensures meaningful engagement of concerned stakeholders with interest in adolescents and youth.

She is the co-founded Iam.unbroken, working in Cameroon and Nigeria, to fight against sexual violence and provide creative solutions. Asmahan also has experience serving as the Creative Development Director at Edumail, Publicity secretary at EXPONENTIAL, a UN generation Equality forum activist, and in the United Voices social media managing committee. She has experience in journalism as she had been a reporter at This Week in Africa news series. Asmahan also led projects on sexual and reproductive health and rights for indigenous young women in Bamenda and another one on income generating activities through craft for adolescent girls.

She has also organized several seminars, workshops, trainings and conferences virtually and physically; thus, she has a mastery of organizational skills and usage of digital tools. She has also attended numerous trainings such as the National Training on Adolescent Health and Well-being under the Advocacy for Change for Adolescents Project (ACAP) during which she represented the Center Region of Cameroon.