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Education, empowerment and Sensitisation

Education, empowerment and Sensitisation

 We are driven by the philosophy that the best way to enhance an individual’s health and overall well-being is to give them awareness/information. Our skills-based activities include:
• One-to-one, group, and media education and sensitisation activities for behaviour improvement through radio outreaches, digital information (e.g. social-media), educational talks in schools, peer trainings etc.
• Education on sexual and reproductive health and HIV mainly targeting girls, women, girls and young people.
• Education and sensitisation on cross cutting issues that affect healthy living, for instance: improved sanitation, feeding, environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation.
• Leadership empowerment that spurs critical thinking to contribute to health and well-being. 
• Volunteering opportunities including but not limited to training of volunteers and professional development for those who want to build a career in the health and well-being sector.

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