What we do

Deserve does standardized strategic planning as a means of rendering quality and needs-based services to its clients and as part of its outreach actions. Deserve works with community, national and international decision-makers and policy-makers to transform global commitments into local actions and as a campaigner for policies and actions that enhance the health and welfare of women, girls and youth. She intervenes in the following areas:

  • Improving maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health through education and awareness raising activities.
  • Providing quality and comprehensive counselling services on sexual and reproductive health.
  • Providing education on sexual and reproductive health and HIV mainly targeting women, girls and youth.
  • Research activities that promote growth and development.
  • Education on healthy living through improved sanitation, environment protection, biodiversity conservation and curbing climate change and its effects.
  • Leadership empowerment in social and economic activities that encourage creativity and greater learning.
  • Volunteering services including but not limited to training of volunteers and job-seekers for professional development.
  • Advocating for policy improvements, changes and institutions that improve the welfare of women, girls and youth.